We are delighted to announce the release of six new Avalonia daylilies

in time for the 2013 growing season.

Hybridized and grown to the point of registration here at Avalonia

in our zone 4b Canadian garden,

 these six cultivars have since spent the past two years being tested

in the garden of Karen and Steve Newman at Delano Daylilies in Delano, Tennessee,

 to confirm their ability to grow and increase well, bloom reliably and well,

and set pods and flourish outside of the Canadian environment

 where they first made their debut.

All have passed the litmus test with Karen and Steve, and are now lined out

and ready to spread their wings to other gardens and new homes.

We are making it as easy as possible for you to get them, as Karen notes on the Delano Daylilies site:

"Delano Daylilies is proud to serve as the official USA Test Garden

 for the Morry family of Avalonia Daylilies in Manotick, Ontario, Canada.

Our Canadian friends–Mick, Mick’s wife (Jennifer Patterson)

 and Mick’s mom (Ms. Lanny)

– continue to send us their future introductions to grow for increase

and for testing in an alien environment from which they originated.

If they don’t grow well here, they are bound for the compost pile.

We’re honored to handle all of their sales if you live in the United States.

If you live in Canada or elsewhere, Mick and Ms. Lanny

 will process your order from their garden in Canada.

 This arrangement saves our stateside customers

the expense of a phyto certificate

—and we’re all about saving you money!

These plants were all bred in Canada and seem

to grow extremely well here in Southeast Tennessee.

 More detailed information about Avalonia Daylilies

can be found on their web site at www.AvaloniaDaylilies.com.

 If you see something on their site that strikes your fancy

 (and if we are growing it in Tennessee), ask about it.

Mick and Lanny have been known to release a plant early.

 You’ll never know if you don’t ask."

The Delano Price List link contains more than forty (40)

 of Avalonia's registrations that are available for sale.

 In addition to those, Delano is growing on a number of promising seedlings

being considered carefully for future introduction.

We visit Karen and Steven in their Tennessee garden each bloom season

to evaluate our plants and check out their as ever exceptional

Southern hospitality

and perhaps attend a regional meeting or visit other gardens in the region.

We are confident that the testing our plants enjoy -- both here in Canada,

 and there in Tennessee provide valuable evidence of the durability

 of our cultivars and their successful growing

in diverse climates across North America.

If you have any questions please feel free to write either Mick or Lanny

 at our gmail accounts and ask away.

 Mick can be reached at mickmorry@gmail.com

 and Lanny can be reached at lannymorry@gmail.com

Lanny and Mick Morry & Jennifer Patterson