We are very pleased to announce the introduction of  14 Avalonia cultivars

         for Spring 2012.  All are out of the hybridizing program of  Mick Morry. 


                                       All these introductions are AHS registered tetraploids,

                                  and all but one are strongly fertile both ways.

                                  Tyrant Lizard King is extremely pollen fertile but is a very reluctant

                                  though not impossible pod setter.


                      All these plants were hybridized in Canada in Avalonia's zone 4b/5 garden

                and have been grown  in both Canada, and in our wonderful AHS test garden

                by Karen and Steve Newman, in zone 7, in Delano, Tennessee.  

               They have all demonstrated they are both very hardy  and vigorous

               in both the northern and southern gardens.


                    We have chosen Punk Rocker as the cover for the 2012 introductions pages.

               It represents a move into putting eyes and ruffles on deep red daylilies,

               a direction Mick is pursuing with its children,

               including a number of future introductions.

                   All plants are offered as double fans  and shipping will begin in Spring 2012.

               Pricing is in US $ in the U.S.A. and Canadian $ in Canada.

              All orders should be placed with Karen Newman at Delano Daylilies.

              American orders will be shipped by Karen from Delano Daylilies.


                  Canadian orders will be shipped by Avalonia from here in Canada

              ensuring no purchaser has to worry about phytosanitary certificates.


                As ever, we tip our hats to Karen and Steve Newman for their encouragement

              and continued commitment to our hybridizing program,  

              and our unbelievably wonderful webmaster Larry Longson who devotes

              extensive amounts of his personal time to create and update our website,

              making it a very valuable insight into our introductions, future introductions,

              and seedlings, along with sharing things we have learned from experience

              in our garden about the best way to grow daylilies

              in northern gardens such as our own.


Mick Morry
Lanny Morry
Jennifer Patterson