We are very pleased to announce the introduction

   of  29 Avalonia cultivars for Fall 2011.

   All but three are out of the hybridizing program of  Mick Morry, 

  and the other two include one release by Lanny Morry,

  and two by Jennifer Patterson.


      A word of explanation is needed to explain this very large, one time release

 of so many plants.  Many of these plants have been registered for several years,

but given our northern growing conditions we have found it difficult

to grow on enough increase to make a satisfactory introduction of all the plants at one time. 

This problem has been resolved with the wonderful partnership we have formed

 with Karen and Steve Newman  at Delano Daylilies in Tennessee.


 Karen and Steve can produce the increase we need in timely fashion,

and they can also dig and ship plants to American buyers

from the United States, avoiding the costs of cross border shipping

and the need for phytosanitary certificates.

All these introductions are AHS registered tetraploids,

 and all are fertile both ways.


  These plants were hybridized in Canada in Avalonia's zone 4b/5 garden

 and have been grown, as noted, in both Canada,

and in our wonderful AHS test garden by Karen and Steve Newman,

in zone 7, in Delano, Tennessee. All these plants have proven to be very hardy

 and vigorous both in both the northern and southern gardens.


      We have chosen I Dream in Blue Too as the cover for the 2011 introductions pages.

 It represents early steps taken to move into the blue range

 with northern hardy, daylilies and it has been used extensively

 as a hybridizing tool to move move further into the blue range.

  A number of significant future releases owe their genes to I Dream In Blue Too.

   All plants are offered as double fans  and shipping will begin in Spring 2011. 

 Pricing is in US $. in the U.S.A.  orders should be placed with Karen Newman at Delano Daylilies.

 American orders will be shipped by Karen from Delano Daylilies .

    All Canadian orders can be paid in Canadian funds

and these will be shipped by Avalonia from here in Canada.


    Once again we thank Karen and Steve  for their continued

 commitment to and support of our hybridizing program,

  and our wonderful webmaster Larry Longson for bringing daylily visitors

a wonderful website  with a huge selection of images of our introductions,

future introductions, and seedlings,  along with information on our garden

and how we grow daylilies in our northern Canadian garden.


Mick Morry
Lanny Morry
Jennifer Patterson

Avalonia Dayililies, Manotick, Ont. Canada