2011 Introduction by Jennifer Patterson  


* Smilodon (Jennifer Patterson 2011 Introduction)

Tet  (Matt x Area Fifty-One)
Dormant, Mid Season, 26 inch scape, 4 way branching, 20-24 buds,
fragrant, 6 inch flower. Easily fertile both ways

 $75 DBL fan

 Meet Smilodon -- terror of the Pleistocene age!  The earliest Sabre Tooth
Tigers were just 150 to 200 lbs and dominated the earth as far back as
2.5 million years ago, and survived until 500,000 years ago. The
Sabre Tooth cats went through a long evolutionary period and survived
through out the world...surviving and thriving in nearly every
continent...up until just 10,000 years ago. It is thought that their
main prey died off, and they could no longer sustain themselves with
the remaining smaller mammals that were starting to show up more and
more due to the changing world and the power of evolution. Others
believe they themselves were hunted by early humans right into
extinction. By the end of Smilodon's rule the great predator had become a third
larger than the modern Siberian Tiger. They weighed between 350-550 Kilograms
 and could take out any land animal of their time.

 Smilodon...the flower...has hooks, horns and small
serrated teeth. Once in a while it throws a fused bloom as shown. It
has been a great breeder in getting teeth that consistently show up in
cold weather conditions with its children.