Mick  Morry

Daylily Hybridizer / ARTIST/ WHIPPET BREEDER/


 I started out hybridizing orchids, at 20 years of age,

then moved into daylily breeding in 1999 after the

 1999 ice storm wiped out our orchid breeding program.

I moved into daylilies the following spring and have never looked back.
Now I just breed daylilies and whippets.

I grow over 1,500 bought cultivars,

and we have over an acre of mostly dormant seedlings with my wife

 in Canada's capital city.

* Mick is presently the editor of My Daylilies.

 I have been breeding champion Whippet dogs for over 25 years.


Mick Morry: The Artist

Mick's favourite medium is the coloured pencil

and all the works  currently on view on this site

are in coloured pencil, a much appreciated art form

 in vogue these days using state of the art coloured pencils

that have a durability on good art stock to last for centuries. 

 Mick has painted, and continues to paint,

 in a variety of media including oils, acrylics and watercolour,

but his favourite medium is coloured pencil. 

With coloured pencil you can produce almost life like images. 

 There is a waxiness in the pencil, and a level of control,

 that often cannot be reproduced by the brush,

 and it is a very effective medium for someone with a desire

 to accurately reproduce something from life.