2012 Introduction by Mick Morry




*Amiens- (Mick Morry 2012 Introduction)

Tet  (Frank Teele x Ebony Pools)

Dormant, Mid Season, 5.5 x 28" 4 way branching, 16-20 buds,
 Easily fertile both ways.

$75 DBL fan.

The Battle of Amiens (also known as the Third Battle of Picardy
(French: 3ème Bataille de Picardie)), which began on 8 August 1918,
was the opening phase of the Allied offensive later known as the
Hundred Days Offensive that ultimately led to the end of the First
World War. Allied forces advanced over seven miles on the first day,
one of the greatest advances of the war, with Henry Rawlinson's
British Fourth Army playing the decisive role. The battle is also
notable for its effects on both sides' morale and the large number of
surrendering German forces. This led Erich Ludendorff to describe the
first day of the battle as "the black day of the German Army." Amiens
was one of the first major battles involving armoured warfare and
marked the end of trench warfare on the Western Front; fighting
becoming mobile once again until the armistice was signed on 11
November 1918. Amiens produces rich, velvety children that have
wonderful substance, and balanced form. Amiens is the parent of many
future introductions.

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