Canada's Vimy Ridge War Memorial

2011 Introduction by Mick Morry

*Vimy Ridge (Mick Morry 2011 introduction)
Tet (Romeo Is Bleeding x Shores Of Time)
Dormant, Early to Mid Season, 5 x 28" 4 way branching,
16-20 buds, fragrant.  Easily fertile both ways.

$100 Dbl Fan

The Battle of Vimy Ridge was a military engagement fought primarily as
part of the Battle of Arras, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of
France, during the First World War. The main combatants were the
Canadian Corps, of four divisions, against three divisions of the
German Sixth Army. The battle, which took place from 9 to 12 April
1917, was part of the opening phase of the British-led Battle of
Arras, a diversionary attack for the French Nivelle Offensive.

The objective of the Canadian Corps was to take control of the
German-held high ground along an escarpment at the northernmost end of
the Arras Offensive. This would ensure that the southern flank could
advance without suffering German enfilade fire. Supported by a
creeping barrage, the Canadian Corps captured most of the ridge during
the first day of the attack. The town of Thélus fell during the second
day of the attack, as did the crest of the ridge once the Canadian
Corps overcame a salient of considerable German resistance. The final
objective, a fortified knoll located outside the town of
Givenchy-en-Gohelle, fell to the Canadian Corps on 12 April. The
German forces then retreated to the Oppy–Méricourt line. It was a
brilliant Canadian victory and it cemented the respect needed with the
British to allow Canadians to decide when and where they would attack,
based upon Canadian planning...for future engagements in both WWI and
WWII. Vimy Ridge won Canada military independence, and Canadian
troops were now looked at as crack infantry by both the enemy and our
allies. Vimy Ridge is one of my absolute finest clean, vibrant reds
to date. It's kids all inherit Vimy's fantastic hot colour.


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