TWICE IN A BLUE MOON (Mick  Morry 06)  Tet  Seedling B384. ( Daring Deception x Area 51)  5 inch blooms, on 26+ inch scape, 3-4 way branching, 12 – 16 buds.  Nocturnal, semi-evergreen, and mildly fragrant.  Mid-season in Canada, can be earlier in the south.   

 TWICE IN A BLUE MOON:  Not once but twice in a blue moon I have seen this flower have a baby blue metallic edge and electric grape Kool-Aid eye inlaid over the baby blue and gold, knobby, toothy edging.    One of my best Area 51 kids.  I have seen its Twice In A Blue Moon face that I know here alter dramatically in the Tennessee garden of Karen Newman where it has consistently doubled, with teeth!  Obviously Twice in a Blue Moon is a happy camper in the warmer locales of the southern US where heat and humidity make it feel right at home.  (S100 Dbl Fan)