The attached two photos show our small greenhouse with 18 trays of daylily seeds planted and ready to be watered

to begin germination this year. Each tray holds 36 five inch pots. Each five inch pot has an average of 10 seeds.

The second picture shows the 'sunroom', which is currently the storage site for 44 more trays of seeds

that require planting out under Lee Valley hoop houses we use for germination.

If you do the math this means there are 2172 pots of crosses, all labelled carefully,

and with an average of 10 seeds per pot, this works out to close to 22,000 seeds for here.

Add to that the fact Mick brought a sizeable amount to Florida a couple of months ago

 -- possibly close to this, only some of which are so far planted,

and you can see that the 2008 season was a mad one for producing seed.

The weather here in Ottawa was ideal for seed setting -- not too hot so germination was very high,

and good rainfall sufficient to ensure both substantial bloom and vigor to pods setting seed.

 It was the best year we have ever seen... but whoa, what a load of seeds!

Close up of pots  Planted Tray

18 seed trays  2008 seeds

100 beds        Sequence Of Daylily Beds

The boxes we grow in are either 4 or 5 feet wide, 8, 10, or 12 feet long and 10 to 12 inches tall.