2011 Introduction by Mick Morry


Passchendaele  (Mick Morry 2011 Introduction)

Tet (Jerry Nettles x Leaving Me Breathless)
Sev, Early to Mid Season, 5.00" x  30 "  5 way branching, 16-20 buds
per scape, mild fragrance, rebloom

 Easily fertile both ways.

 $100 DBL fan.

The Battle of Passchendaele was one of the major battles of the First
World War, taking place between July and November 1917. In a series of
operations, Entente troops under British command attacked the Imperial
German Army. The battle was fought for control of the ridge and
village of Passchendaele (modern Passendale) near the town of Ypres in
West Flanders, Belgium. The objectives of the offensive were, 'wearing
out the enemy' and 'securing the Belgian coast and connecting with the
Dutch frontier'. The British commander Sir Douglas Haig anticipated
three phases: the capture of Passchendaele Ridge, an advance on
Roulers and Operation Hush, an amphibious landing combined with an
attack along the coast from Nieuport. The offensive also served to
distract the German army from the French on the Aisne, who were
suffering from widespread mutiny in the aftermath of the Nivelle
Offensive. Passchendaele has given me some very electric purple
seedlings. If you are looking for a hot electric looking
purple...then Passchendaele is the flower for you.

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