2011 Introduction by Mick Morry

Nothing Rhymes With Orange


*Nothing Rhymes With Orange (Mick Morry 2011 introduction)
 Tet (Mauna Loa x Darla Anita)
Dormant  Mid Season  5.5 x 28 " 4 way branching, 16 buds per
scape, mildly fragrant, 25% polymerous.
Easily fertile both ways.

 $100 DBL fan.

Nothing Rhymes With Orange is one of the hottest oranges I have ever
bred. It looks like stained glass when the sun hits it, but it is
only in the shade when you see it has many nuances...such as creping
and minor sculpting with some of it's flowers. There are many faces
to this delightful flower, as it shows many hues of orange. The only
thing in common with the various colours it blooms as are in how hot
and vivid the colours are. Nothing Rhymes With Orange is a very
strong breeder of polymerous daylilies and often polys itself.