My top 10 garden stars selections for 2010

by Mick Morry


Hello Robins,

Well the season is winding down fast. So why don't I go first this time and
get the ball rolling. I thought I would do my top 10 garden stars for the
year early this time as It is such a no brainer this year for me with the
selections. The top 10 this year are plants that keep you coming to look
at them all day.

1). Grand Champion this year is--drum roll please--GUS TOWNSEND- bred
by James Townsend. OMG--where to start with this plant!!! Ok lets see how
I am going to describe this beauty--Gus has been a shocker this year to say
the least. We got a double fan of it 2 years ago. It is now a 24 fan clump
with 19 scapes. It had 37 flowers on it yesterday, 17 flowers on it today,
and it had 26 on it 2 days ago. It has had at least 15 flowers blooming
every day since it started to bloom. The colour is flawless and never
blemished. It takes serious heat, sun and even quite a bit of rain. It is
covered in teeth. It's regal purple 4.75- 5 inch flowers are perfect
everyday. Those white diamond dusted and also metallic looking white teeth
are superb. It is covered with pods the 3 of us have set. Branching is 5
way, scape height is 35 inches. It is dormant, and it has superior
increasing ability for a dormant, and I see it has re-bloom capability. I
rate Gus Townsend to be a perfect 10--the first I have ever issued out to
any flower--ever! You need this plant for so many reasons people.
Congratulations James you have a future Stout Medal winner if I ever saw
one. Gus was and still is the most used cultivar in our breeding program
here this year. We have used every single flowers pollen and ran with it
until it was all used up.

2). TOOTH AND NAIL-bred by John Benz. John that is a masterpiece!!!!!!
Dude--you da man!!! I have always been fond of John Benz and his to die for
program, but this year, and last year I was promoting him like no other due
to plants such as this. I showed every garden visitor Tooth And Nail within
seconds of their arriving. I let everyone who wanted pollen that visited to
collect whatever they wanted and they went straight to Tooth and nail.
Tooth and Nail only lost out for first place due to the unbelievable
increase and all at once show of Gus Townsend. John Benz's incredible
creation has the best teeth on the market for long thin teeth. There are
better wide teeth, but these teeth are the best long slender ones that
remind me of the Grey Nurse Shark--aka The Ragged Toothed Shark. It is
beyond fertile and we have kids that are wonderful thanks to it.

3). BASS GIBSON-bred by John Rice. Now for the best wide teeth on the
market you have to go after this puppy. Bass was the other plant that
everyone photographed and wanted to buy or get free pollen from. It took a
while to establish here, but when it did it owned it's spot. Bass Gibson is
right up there in my never sell completely out of list with the other
above 2 picks. I will always keep Bass here and will never get rid of it.
1 in a 100 plants impresses me that much that I never sell them off
completely. Bass is named after a very dear friend that has sadly passed
away,and was bred by one of the kindest most helpful and intelligent artists
we have in our business. John I take my hot off for you. Keep it up pal.
I am a monstrous fan of your program, and my wife lives for your fantastic
creations every year they come out.

4). DRAGON FANG-bred by Jamie Gossard. This is another OMG plant. It is
tall, fertile, with 4 way branching this year. The wide toothy grin it
shows every single flower makes my pulse quicken. Today it had 4 flowers on
it and Jennifer is finishing the tagging of all of it's future kids we just
bred a few hours ago. It is plants such as this that made me a monster fan
of Jamie's work. I also consider him one of my dearest friends, and also
one of the most talented hybridizers in the business. He is so supportive
and positive. I have all the time in the world for positive
helpful people--especially artists as gifted as James is. Jamie is one of
our superstars of the north that we all brag about up here in the tundra. I
know I will continue to enthusiastically promote his good name to all that
will listen. BG. Ok Jamie you owe me another 5 bucks. LOL. Buy all of
Jamie's introductions they are unbelievable!

5).LAST SNOWFLAKE-bred by Pat Stamile. What a monster flower!!!! This
is one of the most white flowers on the property. It is 8 inches everyday
here and is white as snow. The edge is 3/4 inch on a bad day to 1 inch or
larger on a good day. It is increasing like mad and survived our winter
like all my other selections--with flying colours. I have used every bit of
pollen of all the top 10's in my list this year. However this one from Pat
is the cultivar that I went nuts over the most. I couldn't stop crossing
it to my own line. This is one of my new faves and it will never be sold
off the property either. BG.

6). BOUNDLESS BEAUTY-bred by Pat Stamile-A superb plant. This plant is a
solid 9 on the scale of perfection. It only hangs up on 1 flower out of 5
in our garden. The other 4 flowers are monster, dripping with ruffles
flowers that are used every single day we have pollen. Everyday I get up I
ask my mom --who wakes up at dawn --if BOUNDLESS BEAUTY is in bloom. I love
it's huge flowers, it's scape height and suberb branching. I adore this
plant and always will.

7). CHILLED ORANGE SORBET-bred by Bill Waldrop. Every year we buy most of
what Bill releases, and it is because of this sort of plant. Superior
colour and substance. Perfect form with perfect plant habit--that is a Bill
Waldrop plant. Bill's plants are very nearly worshiped here. His line is
gold. The survival rate of his plants here is 100%. We have never lost a
cultivar of his. This melon, orange, sunset toned ruffly creation of Bill's
makes you smile. Everyone that sees it freaks out over it and has a smile
from ear to ear going on. Only various art forms have that capability to
make every person --bar none--smile. It's all the better that Bill is a
true gentleman and master painter with the pollen.

8). MARY JOSEPHINE LONGSON-bred by Larry Longson. Ok--I will say it
first--my buddy has serious talent. Not only is Larry a webmaster Guru
supreme that blows my mind with our website, but he breeds fantastic flowers
too!!!! This flower has once again got it all. It is 37 inches tall here
with 5 way branching and stunning peachy pink toothy, knobby flowers. The
form and edge is divine! It is presently laiden with pods all set on it
with the other toothy cultivars on my list and many more. It is a
pod making machine.

9).CRYSTELLE'S LOVE-bred by Frank Smith. I am a huge fan of Frank Smith's
program and always will be. He is a perfectionist and it shows in his
plants. We have never lost a Smith off our property and have never sold one
fully off either. We own a ton of Frank's plants too, so his 100% survival
record on our property is almost second to none for a southern hybridizer.
We get enough snow cover that Frank's plants get up and go here. This plant
named in honor of his mother is to die for. It is always a 7-8 inch flower
here with massive perfect form and ruffles.

10). BIG BUSINESS-bred by John Benz. Holy cow look at the width on those
petals and sepals? Now those are traits that make me salivate gang. I love
wide sepals--especially with ruffling on them ,and I tend to breed
myself for just this sort of trait set. The 5 inch wide petals the flower
shows every single day made me breed with it even more. It is the total
package for a yellow. It is neon, super large, and all its segments are
wide. It has a superior green throat. It doesn't stop there it also has 5
way branching on a 38 inch scape and the positive traits just go on and
on--it's Perfection!

The other top 10 that should have made the list but sadly did not are.

1. CARDINAL EXPLOSION-bred by Brian Culver. This may be the top plant next
year on my list. This is a dazzler, and has spectacular everything going on
all at once.
2. Gretchen Baxter-bred by Phil Reilly.
3. Butter Cream-bred by Oscie Whatley.
4. Shimmering Glimmer-Paul Limmer-Dan Trimmer.
5.Yellow Dynamo-bred by Jamie Gossard
6.Gavin Petit-bred by Ted Petit.
7. Forestlake Point Lace-bred by Fran Harding.
8.Giant On The Mountain-bred by Jack Carpenter.
9. Texas Big Red-bred by Jack Carpenter.
10. Sherry Candy-bred by Pat Stamile.

Well that rounds it off for the year and Uhhhm--oh no! One, two,
three--ok 20 or so paragraphs. Oh my--Pattern Bob is right. I am still 10
paragraph Mick. Trust me I am trying to cut back folks, and this is a top
10 list--so nah--this doesn't really truly count. BG. There that is
what you called admirable self denial everyone. BG. Ciao all,


Mick Morry
Avalonia Whippets and Daylilies