METROSEXUAL (Mick  Morry 06)  Tet  Seedling A903. Parentage Tetra Jedi Tequila Sunrise x Purple Pauper.  4 – 4.5 inch bloom on a compact plant with dwarf foliage and an 18 inch scape, 3-4 way branching with 12 – 16 buds, mid-season, diurnal, dormant.  Tetraploid.  Breeds both ways but takes patience, typical of difficult tetra conversions.  Its kids however are easily fertile both ways.

METROSEXUAL:  Meet Metrosexual – a chimera of the first order!  Metrosexual is one of a series of 6 kids from Tetra Jedi Tequila Sunrise, a conversion made here in Canada that I crossed with an older Klehm.  While the rest of its sibs are taller, bigger, and more fertile and easy to hybridize with, we could not ignore the fact that this pony sized cascading flower has the greenest throat of all.  One sib – Time Never Erases, a red with the same haunting green throat, is already registered, and a second – its far taller, larger identical twin Grasshopper, will be registered shortly. Garden visitors love the perfectly recurved flowers on this compact sized edger’s delight.  Sure beats Stella D’Oro as a low-growing garden accent!   ($50 Dbl Fan)