[ pix on right from Tennessee]

  *  LE  HAMEL


LE HAMEL (Moonlit Masquerade x Area Fifty-One): Mick Morry - Tetraploid - Dormant.

 Le Hamel has a 5.5 – 6 inch bloom, on a 32 to 36 inch scape,

blooms midseason, and has 4-5 way branching with 24 to 30 buds.

Le Hamel is our First World War 1 (WW1) memorial introduction

saluting the achievements of Canadian and British troops in the European theatre.

 Le Hamel stands proud and tall, just as the brave allied troops did when they sacrificed

 their lives and freedom for what they hoped would be a lasting,

future peace in Europe and the world.

Le Hamel is a fast increasing, very fertile plant both ways, with large seed counts.

 Sometimes a deeper purple, it is typically, as seen in this photo,

 a fairly hot fuchsia with darker veining, and a plum eye.

 We have had great hot purple kids out of Le Hamel. 

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