LORD VADER (Mick  Morry 07)  Tet  Seedling JM2143, parentage: Moonlit Masquerade x Salieri.  5.5 inch bloom on a 40+ inch scape, 5-7 way branching, 20+ buds per scape, mid-season, diurnal, dormant.  Tetraploid.  Easily fertile both ways.  

  LORD VADER:  Tall, dark and ominous, just like the dark soul it was named after, Lord Vader is a tall, upright flower that draws garden visitors from across our two acre garden to its boxed location.   Its intense green throat and near black eye over a very clean bright mulberry base, combined with its 5 to 7 way branching – a rare trait for a dormant – makes this a very dramatic, very worthy plant for every garden.  This fast-increasing cultivar has been one of the most used purples in my hybridizing program.   ($50  Dbl  Fan)

 Lord Vader