2011 Introduction by Lanny Morry

Here Comes the Sun



*Here Comes The Sun (Lanny Morry 2011 Intro)  Tet

(Bill Munson x How Beautiful Heaven Must Be)
Sev, Mid Season, 6 x 29"  4 way branching, 16-20 buds per
scape, frangrant,  rebloom.   Easily fertile both ways.
$100 DBL fan

Here Comes The Sun--opens as a cream and as the day progresses it
develops yellow and pink tones. Its colour seems to brighten and
becomes richer and brilliant...just as the sun rising everyday shows
itself within it's hot yellow tones. Named after the famous Beatles
Song of the same name...Here Comes The Sun makes a happy, colourful
addition to any garden. Here Comes The Sun is behind some truly
fantastic heavily ruffled southern looking futures.