*GROOM  LAKE                                       Alt. View

  2011 Introduction by Mick Morry

Groom Lake (Mick Morry 2011 Introduction)

 Tet (El Bandito x Area Fifty-One)

 Sev, 7 x 30" Early to Mid Season, 4 way branching, 15-20 buds,
Fragrant. Easily fertile both ways.

 $100 DBL fan.
Groom Lake is Area-51's less secret name. The people that work at
Area-51 call their facilities at the secret base in New Mexico Groom Lake.
Groom Lake has been a very important parent for giving me large
expansive green throats and patterns. Its golf-ball sized green
throat holds up quite well to a hot summer day. Its clean colours
and sharp crispate form are sure to attract attention in your garden.