2011 Introduction by Mick Morry

  Golden Buddha (Mick Morry 2011 Introduction)

  Tet  (Rocket City x Banana Cream Beauty)
 Dormant, mid season, 6-7 x 42 " 4 way branching with 16-20 buds
 per scape. Mild rose smelling fragrance. Easily fertile both ways.

While Golden Buddha does not poly for me...it has
many poly children coming out of it. 

 $100 DBL fan 
Golden Buddha's simple looking form has given me some seriously
advanced and cutting edge futures. Golden Buddha is both
crispate and also is a cascade UF. This very simply looking UF has
the abilty to both show and breed angel wings. My most ruffly large
flower to date is being named after my daylily friend Debbie
Friedlander, and Debbie's flower came out of marrying Pat Stamile's
Boundless Beauty to Golden Buddha. So there are some very deep and
complex hybridizing genetics behind Golden Buddha.
Mint Tea Leaves is another Golden Buddha child that I expect great
things out of. Golden Buddha is a serious hybridizing tool.