GLAMOROUS MOUSE (Mick  Morry 06)  Tet  Seedling A442, ( Awesome Candy X Area 51).  5 inch bloom, on a 30 inch scape, with 4 way branching, terminal Y with two laterals, 16+ flowers, with occasional polytepals, midseason, diurnal, semi-evergreen to dormant.  Tetraploid.  Easily fertile both ways. 

 GLAMOROUS MOUSE:  My first release out of Area 51, and also the first release of my mouse series (named after the call name of my favourite dog of all time -- watch for more!), Glamorous Mouse is a hot electric yellow with an equally clean red eye.  With its cascading form and showy blooms presented well above the foliage, Glamorous Mouse can be seen from anywhere in the garden and is a visitor favourite.  ($75 Dbl Fan)