2011 Introduction by Mick Morry



Cheese And Crackers- Mick Morry 2011 - (Bill Norris x Maple Leaf Forever) - Tet
Dormant, Mid Season, 6 x 26 " 4 way, 20-24 buds per scape,  Extended bloom,

20% poly...mostly 4x4's, but some 5x5's havebeen seen.
Cheese And Crackers is a waxy, thick, heavy substanced flower. It's
rich vibrant yellow flowers have proven to be real weather beaters
here at Avalonia. I named this flower Cheese And Crackers for it's
crisp...yet rubbery substance that holds up well to heat and takes
substantial rain to damage it's flowers too. I have seen Cheese And
Crackers flowers look wonderful after a full day of rain.

 Easily fertile both ways. 

  $100 DBL fan.