*CAMBRAI                      [ pix on right from Tennessee]


*Cambrai  (Mick Morry 2011 intro)  Tet  (Velvet Onyx x Shores Of Time)
Dormant, Mid Season, 5.5-6 x 29 " 4 way branching, 16-20 buds.

Easily fertile both ways. 

 $50 DBL fan


At dawn on the morning of 20 November 1917...the very first major
engagement using Tanks began. The British launched the battle of
Cambrai with 476 tanks that were accompanied by six infantry and two
cavalry divisions, plus an additional 1,000 guns. 14 newly formed
squadrons of the Royal Flying Corps stood by to help exploit any
breakthrough with the other infanty, and cavalry divisions. The
battle of Cambrai was looked at as a major British victory if such

loss of life could be considered a 'victory'. In the end the tanks had
driven and pushed over 10 kilometres. It was the beginning of what
would be adopted and used as the future tactics of the German forces

in the Second World War. They named this form of attack
Blitzkreig...Lighting War. 

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