Beaumont Hamel

       *BEAUMONT HAMEL                The trenches at Beaumony Hamel

  2011 Introduction by Mick Morry

Beaumont Hamel-Mick Morry 2011 intro-(Superlative x Shades Of Darkness)

Dormant Tet, 5 x 25 " 4 way branching, 12-16 buds per scape, M easily fertile both ways.

 $50 DBL fan.

On the 1st of July 1916 801 officers and men of the Royal Newfoundland
Regiment were sent over the top of a trench line at Beaumont Hamel,
France, by their British commanders to launch the British offensive to
retake France from German occupying forces. The next morning only 68
of them remained to answer roll call. The rest of the regiment was
dead, missing in action, or wounded. My great-grandfather, Howard
Leopold Morry, though wounded, was one of the men able to answer roll
call that morning.. Had he not, our entire family line would never
have continued. In Newfoundland, then a British colony, and now a
province of Canada, the First of July is a day of national mourning as
a generation of its youth disappeared in a single catastrophic battle
initiating what became known as The Battle of the Somme.

I have introduced a number of daylilies to mark that day and those
brave soldiers including Howard Leopold Morry, Beaumont Hamel and The
Somme. These are the first three of a series of daylilies that I have since
registered to cover other significant British and Canadian Battles in
World War One. In keeping with the somber, sober nature of war, I chose
to commemorate those battles and the brave soldiers who fought in them
primarily in shades of red, mauve and purple.

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