2011 Introduction by Mick Morry

* BAUHAUS  (Mick Morry 2011 Intro)  Tet  (VELVET ONYX  X  AREA 51)

 Intense purple polychrome with black currant eye and white edge above green to yellow throat.

Dormant, Mid season, Fragrant, 5.5" x 24"   3-4 way branching with
15-20 buds per scape.  DBL fan $75.00

          Bauhaus is named after one of my favorite Alternative Rock Groups.
                  Bauhaus led the Alternative British Invasion in the 1980's and early
                   1990's, and they soon became the most popular Goth band in the world.
             The band broke up and lead singer Peter Murphy went on to do another 9
                     solo albums.  Daniel Ash the lead guitarist and backup vocals created
               what became my favorite band of the time period...Love And Rockets.  I
 have also named a daylily after that Goth band.