AREA 51  (Mick  Morry 06)  Tet   Seedling A188 :  (Ida’s Magic x I Dream In Green).

 6 – 6.5 inch crispate bloom, on a scape that is 30 to 36 inches tall, with 3-4 way branching,

terminal Y with two laterals, 18+ flowers, midseason, diurnal, semi-evergreen. 

 Tetraploid.  Easily fertile both ways, also producing polytepal children. 

 AREA FIFTY ONE:  Named after the secret test ground in Nevada

 of the US Airforce, and the location where the supposed Roswell UFO wreckage

 was taken to for examination and storage,

Area 51 is a UFO that has proven to be an exceptional parent in our hybridizing programs.

  Don’t think of this as a standard orange, 51 produces every colour in the rainbow,

including whites to near blacks and every neon colour imaginable. 

 Area 51 is a strong breeder of patterns, watermarks and light sculpting

and is the parent of several dozen of my best seedlings.  ($100 Dbl Fan)