2013 Introduction by Mick Morry



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 2013 Introduction-Tetraploid-(Desperado Love x Sabine Baur)

Sev, 5.5 inch flowers, 25 inch scape, 4-5 way branching ,24-35 buds per scape.

WOMD has 6-7 flowers per node...so it may have anywhere from 24-35 buds
per scape. Climate and the weather will dictate how much this plant
branches out and how many buds it has.

Weapons Of Mass Distraction...or WOMD as it is known around here is my
best pattern maker and I have a bunch of future introductions out of
it. WOMD really passes on its Crispate form. This simple looking
flower has also produced my most complex eyes. This year my mother
flowered two kids out of it cut to her St. John's that just blew all
our minds and those of garden visitors who saw them too.

If you are looking for a tetraploid pattern maker that can be bred
successfully with any colour...then WOMD is the flower for your
hybridizing program. It is super fertile both ways and once again
WOMD is another one of our intros that produces large seed counts.
WOMD never looks bad and try as we might or as the weather throws
spanners at us, we have never been able to take a bad photo of it.
Even on the rainiest days this simple looking flower holds its colour
and very distinct sharpness on the edges of the patterned eye, and
its kids seem to be inheriting this wonderful trait.
DBL fan $50