2013 Introduction by Mick Morry

Mick (Alt View)

MICK-Mick Morry 2013 Introduction-

(Alternate View)

Tetraploid-(Here Comes The Sun x Sun
Moon Stars)-Sev/Dor, 6 inch flowers, 26 inch scape, 4-5 way branching,
20-24 buds per scape, Mid season, 20 percent Polymerous.

Named in honour of everyone who shares my name...MICK.


I came up with the name Mick thanks to the flower named Matt. I used
Matt in my early days of hybridizing and I always liked how short the
name was. I also noticed that nearly everyone named Matthew seemed to
own it. So here is one for all you Mick's out there.


Because Mick is a Sun Moon Stars kid it is, once again, another intro
that shows polymerous flowers on a fairly regular basis. All Sun
Moon Stars kids so far have shown at least a few polys for us. Mick
has a 3/4 to 1 inch edge that is thick like a rubber eraser. The
substance is shockingly waxy, heavy and the flower never, ever hang
up. Mick increases very fast for me
and is a dormant in my garden and is Sev in Tennessee at Karen and
Steve Newman's. It's kids in Florida were all Sev. Mick can have
sepals as wide as 3.5 inches. Mick is one of the best yellows I have
produced, and I am a yellow fanatic. It is actively being used in our
hybridizing program. It's kids are simply shocking and have the
highest quality colour, substance and edges. Easily fertile both
DBL fan $50.