2013 Introduction by Mick Morry

Rock With You

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ROCK WITH YOU-Mick Morry 2013 Introduction
-Tetraploid- (Wild Blue Yonder x Area Fifty-One)-Dormant,
 6 inch flowers, 38 inch scapes, 4-5
way branching, 20-24 buds per scape, Mid season.

Rock With You is named after my favourite Michael Jackson song. It
must have been one of the world's most favourite songs of his
also...as they played that steadily for two days after Michael's
sudden death. Michael Jackson is simply irreplaceable for what he did
for modern music.

Rock With You has kids that simply ROCK! We have managed to get some
seedlings that have true denim blue eyes, and powder blue eyes. Rock
With You has the right sort of violet hue in the eye and base to aid
in developing better real blue flowers. It is super fertile both ways
with very large seed counts and has a mild cotton candy smelling
fragrance to boot.
DBL fan $50.