2013 Introduction by Lanny Morry

Curvaceous Vixen



CURVACEOUS VIXEN  - Lanny Morry 2013 Introduction

-Tetraploid-(Sun Moon
Stars x Grandma's Smile)- Sev, 5.5 inch flowers, 26 inch scape, 4-5
waybranching- 20-24 buds per scape, Mid season, 15 Percent polymerous.

Curvaceous Vixen is one of our most vibrant reds to date. On its
maiden bloom both Mick and I selected this seedling and between the
two of us we came up with its name. Mick suggested it should have
Curvaceous in its name because of its loopy, curvy form. And I added
Vixen to make it clear this was one hot little number. And with that
one of Avalonia's best reds went right to work in our hybridizing
program. A pink sibling may be a future intro too.

We have some absolutely fantastic seedlings out of Curvaceous Vixen
and some will be future introductions. Because Curvaceous Vixen is a
Sun Moon Stars kid it has shown us some occasional polymerous
activity. Easily fertile both ways, with large seed counts.

DBL fan $50.