2013 Introduction by Lanny Morry

Ode To Newfoundland

2013 Introduction -Tetraploid-(Belle
Cook x Grandma's Smile)-Sev, Fragrant, 6 inch flowers, 25 inch scape,
4-5 way branching, 20-24 buds per scape, Mid season. Ode To
Newfoundland is one of my most important introductions,
and I am honoured that it has been selected
 as one of Avalonia's Cover introductions.

Ode won a CHS-Canadian Hemerocallis Society Meritorious Seedling award
a few years ago for Best Full Form. Ode To Newfoundland has one of
the best Pie Crust edges that I have seen and it never, ever hangs up.
It passes this very desirable trait on to its children. So far we
have selected at least one seedling out of each and every cross made
with Ode. It is such an important hybridizing tool. Highly
recommended to hybridizers looking for superb substance and shocking
edges. Easily fertile both ways. Dbl fan $50.