2012 Introduction by Mick Morry



Witch With Attitude  (Mick Morry 2012 introduction)

Tet  (Area Fifty-One x Tetra Sammy Russell)

Dormant, Mid season  6-7 x 40"   5 way branching,

16-20 buds per scape   Easily fertile both ways.

 $75  DBL fan

If you are looking for blinding colour then this simply, elegant
flower is the one you are looking for. Witch With Attitude was given
its name after a funny line in the Evil Dead series...where Ash..the
average Joe, but slightly eccentric hero....takes on a crazy, demonic
witch. Ash is thrown into a pit with a half dozen other captives.
The witch emerges and takes out all but Ash and a couple of other
survivors of her first attack. Ash looks over his shoulder to the
other captives immediately upon witnessing the demonic witches first
attack on the first group of men, and says..."that witch sure has
attitude". Like that demonic witch this witch has attitude, and has
produced some incredible vibrant and heavily veined children...thanks
to Sammy Russell its dad.