2012 Introduction by Mick Morry


 *Masked Mouse  (Mick Morry 2012 introduction)
Tet  (Tetra Jedi Tequila x Sunrise x Purple Pauper)
Dormant, Mid Season  4.75 " x  25" 4 way branching
 16-20 buds per scape 20% polymerous...
throwing 5x5's most  commonly. Easily fertile both ways.
$100 DBL fan

Masked Mouse is the newest addition to my Mouse series. Like my
previous flowers in the mouse series Masked Mouse is a smaller flower.
This pony sized bloom is very fertile, and is the full pod sib to
Metrosexual, Grasshopper, Retrosexual and 4 other future introductions
yet to be named out of this single crossing. While some of its sibs
are more reluctant to hold pods Masked Mouse does not suffer from
this, and is a great pod setter. Its substance is very thick and
heavy and it holds up to sun and rain very well because of this
heavier than normal substance.