2012 Introduction by Mick Morry

Love And Rockets  

         *LOVE AND ROCKETS             


* Love And Rockets  (Mick Morry 2012 Introduction)

Tet   (Cameroon's Twister x Area Fifty-One)
Dormant, Mid season 6" x  38"  4-5way branching.

 16-24 buds per scape . Easily fertile both ways.

$100 DBL fan

Love And Rockets was named after my favourite alternative rock group
from the 1990's. After the death of lead singer Peter Murphy of the
underground alternative group Bauhaus the remaining band members
created the group Love And Rockets. Daniel Ash -- the former lead
guitarist and back up vocals in Bauhaus -- took the helm.

The changes the band made to both the bands image and in the creation
of a much less depressing style of music they played...turned heads and
made the headlines. The transformation was nothing short of
spectacular and Love And Rockets eclipsed their former band's sales and
popularity. Within two years of the band's face lift...just after their
second album...they hit the top 40 charts...where they remained
throughout the 90's. Love And Rockets is one of those one in a

million groups that never produced a bad album and -- it can be argued -- not
even a bad song. Very few musicians or groups can say that.

The combination of Cameroon's Twister blended to Area Fifty-One opens
up the door for some very interesting watermarks. Its children so far
are mostly watermarked with shades of orange, grey, red, violet and
other soft, warm beautiful colours. Love And Rockets has produced
some wonderful future introductions.