2012 Introduction by Mick Morry



Retrosexual  (Mick Morry-2012 introduction)
Tet  (Tetra Jedi Tequila  Sunrise x Purple Pauper)

Dormant, Mid season 5.5-6 "x 25 " 4 way branching
 16-20 buds per  scape 10% polymerous
throwing mostly 5x5's so far.
 Fertile both ways. Pods do not set well with this one on
 hotter days.
$75 DBL fan.

 The opposite of Metrosexual is Retrosexual, and like the average
Retrosexual this flower does not care about its hair or image and does
 whatever it feels like. Retrosexual may be a cascading flower one day
 and the next flowering it might show its crispate look. It can poly
 and also can show some petaloid doubling off and on. Retrosexual is
 just happy being itself. You have to admire a flower that's
 comfortable in its own skin.