2012 Introduction by Mick Morry


 * Sun Sand Surf  (Mick Morry 2012 Introduction) 
Tet  (Spacecoast Tiny Perfection x Light Motif)
Dormant, Mid season,  4.5 x 26 inch" 4 way branching
 16-20 buds per scape, mild fragrance,  Easily fertile both ways.

$75 DBL fan.

Sun Sand Surf is where I want to be. I love the southern United
States, and I love water, the beach, and the sound of the surf. I
gave Sun Sand Surf its name because of the many sand and coral tones
the flower takes. It has so many faces. I seem to select for flowers
that have many faces and forms. In the south such as in
Tennessee....Sun Sand Surf is a hot coral pink. Up north in our
Avalonia garden it shows more subtle and less brilliant colour. This
flower clearly wants to be down south just as much as I wish to be
myself. Sun Sand Surf has created some of the most shocking
futures...all much better than itself. Three of its best kids are growing
on in our test garden in Tennessee under Karen and Steve Newman's
wonderful care. One kid was just registered this summer as Terry
Fox...Canada's favourite civilian hero, just out of his teens, who fought
to defeat cancer and ran half way across Canada on one leg before
his cancer recurred and claimed his life.
This flower is ground zero for producing shocking pony sized blooms that
are much, much better than Sun Sand Surf is.
 Highly recommended for hybridizers.