2010 Seedlings

 2012 was the second year in a row we would like to forget

 as avid gardeners. Unlike 2011 when the garden was completely flooded 

 by a city culvert that had been accidentally damed up by a

city work crew the fall before, that deposited millions of gallons

 of waste water(to say nothing about the number of fish that came

 with that water from the Rideau River) on our pasture and garden,

 in 2012 we endured the worst drought we have ever seen at Avalonia.

 There were one or two small rain showers in the early spring

 and that was it for spring/summer and fall 2012 as a combination

of an almost total lack of precipitation and some of the highest

 temperatures ever attained here -- some days were over 40C

-- provided miserable growing conditions for our daylilies.

Our brand new 40 foot pond, filled to overflowing in 2011 dried out,

 and by the end of the season we had a single fish swimming

 in six inches of water at the deep end. Our daylilies failed to grow

 to their full normal height with the water we could provide from our well,

bud counts were low -- 8 to 10 buds rather than the 20 plus

and often much more were the rule of the day, and branching

 was by and large 2 way or a feeble 3 way, again because the plants

 were so dry. Despite the misery we still enjoyed some wonderful

new first blooms as our photos show. But we will be left wondering

about what it would have been like if we had a 'normal' summer

 -- like the ones we have been so long used to. We are hoping

 the strange summers of 2011 and 2012 are only abberations,

and not flashing beacons of climate change that make

 doing what we love a challenge in every sense of the word.




Ms Lanny's 2012 Seedlings      


Mick Morry's 2012 Seedlings          


Jennifer Patterson's 2012 Seedlings       







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