Sun Moon Stars



SUN MOON STARS- Mick Morry 2010 introduction.
 [(Ed Brown x Edge Of Heaven) x (J.T. Davis x Canada Day)].
 Dormant in north. Sev-dormant in the south.
Tetraploid. 7 - 7.5 inch flower. 24-26 inch scape.
Mid season, re-bloomer in south.
3 - 4 way branching in the north with 17-24 buds per scape.
 4-5 way branching in the south with 24-30 buds per scape.
Polymerous Tetramer 4 x 4 20% or greater.
$100 US. for a double fan for American customers.
 Canadian Customers $100 CDN for a double fan. Very limited!

 See our website to view SMS kids!

I am proud to announce that due to popular demand
 we have decided to finally release SUN MOON STARS.
SMS is the most important cultivar I have bred that is in use up here at Avalonia.
It is a reliable polymerous 4 x 4, and has produced more than 20 futures--
many that are polymerous too. SMS is also our edge maker here at Avalonia.
 It has produced edges unheard of in the upper north.
It's best kid named after our webmaster LARRY LONGSON
can have up to 7 angel wings on a flower with a 1 to 2 inch edge
any day--any weather.
SUN MOON STARS is heavily sculpted and also partially doubles at times.
 If you are looking for a dormant jumbo edge maker
 or looking for a consistent producer of polymerous daylilies or sculpting
--then SMS is the plant for you.
 SUN MOON STARS opens golden cream in colder weather
and within a couple of hours goes to a cream off white hue.
 On hot days it opens tremendously white
and gets more and more white as the day lengthens.
 Sun Moon Stars was given it's name due to both the colours of the Moon and Stars,
 but also for what it gave us in it's children.
We really did get the Sun the Moon and the Stars out of SMS.
 Sun Moon Stars is also producing many green edges
 due to the doubling up of J.T. Davis.
CANADA DAY is behind much of the golden colour
 SMS opens up with early before it lightens up with the sun.
My mother's future Canada Day also has a green edge.
 It has helped reinforce SMS's breeding capability
 for getting green edges--even though SMS has a yellow and gold
--diamond dusted edging itself. $100 DBL fan. Very limited.