MARTHA’S GOOD THING (Sumatran Tiger x Panda Bear): Mick Morry – Tetraploid - Dormant.

 Martha's Good Thing bas a 5 to 5.5 inch bloom on a tall – 30 to 32 inch scape. Bloom is midseason, and has 4 – 5 way branching with 24 to 30 buds.

 It is mildly fragrant here in the North.

Martha’s Good Thing has become a garden favourite with visitors here in Canada,

 and is also a favourite of Karen Newman in her Tennessee garden.

Named in honour of one of the strongest, well motivated women I most admire other than my mother.... (guess who??)

Martha’s Good Thing hits you in the eye from right across the garden

 and has what we call here, 400 foot colour.

You cannot miss it! Martha always looks good, and it always sets pods and is tremendously fertile both ways.

It is a very good parent for entrenching hot rich colour in its kids.

Martha quickly establishes well, clumps quickly, and always looks good in our garden, and Karen tells us it is a treasure in her garden as well.
$100 DF.