PETTY HARBOUR (Strawberry Candy x Raspberry Beret): Lanny Morry – Tetraploid - Dormant.

Petty Harbour is a  5 – 5.5 inch bloom on a 4 to 5 way branching scape, with 18 to 24 buds and blooms in the midseason.

Petty Harbour is named in honour of one of the prettiest four-century old fishing villages

on the Avalon Peninsula, in Newfoundland, Canada.

 It represents the start of a series of introductions that will honour the Avalon Peninsula,

its communities and its people, from where we are most recently descended (at least for the last 200 years!).

All the Newfoundland series that are to come feature eyes, like the wild orange fruited bog berries

that look like raspberries, called bakeapples (in Scandinavia they are called cloudberries),

that I grew up collecting and making into jams and jellies after rambles with my family in the berry fields of the Avalon.

It is a fast establishing, hardy flower that blooms with multiple scapes once established,

with happy, bright eyed flowers that cannot be missed from anywhere in the garden.

 Extremely fertile both ways with great kids in our garden. ($100 DF)