[(Always a Pleasure x Twist of Lemon) x Fortune’s Dearest]:
 Mick Morry- Tetraploid - Dormant.
 Maple Leaf Forever has a 5.5 inch bloom on a 28 to 30 inch scape.
It blooms midseason and has 4 – 5 way branching with 24 to 30 buds.

Maple Leaf Forever (MLF) was named in honour of the first,
unofficial Canadian national anthem, composed in the 19th century,
 and after the maple leaf, the ‘emblem dear’ and symbol of Canada world-wide,
that is proudly featured on our modern flag.
How can you describe a flower that has given us everything,
as MLF has done except to say that it is deceptively simple in appearance,
yet a powerhouse in the breeder’s arsenal?

Maple Leaf Forever is fertile both ways, and once again, has large seed counts.
This plant is parent to several dozen important plants in our hybridizing program,
 many of which are potential future introductions.
 See our website to view MLF kids!

MLF is a neon yellow going to orange based flower
 with a hot orange going to red eye,
with a serrated, hooked and knobbed edge.
 Deceptively simple in appearance,
it has, bred to diverse other colours,
 produced every imaginable colour and form (including polytepals,
which are especially common amongst its kids).
Both Mick and Ms. Lanny’s most treasured seedlings
are Maple Leaf Forever kids. $100 DF.